SF & Hawaii trip, pt 2

Next stop for us, were Hawaii and Island Maui, another destination we’ve never imagine visiting, not even in our craziest dreams. However, in this case, I must say DREAMS DO or DID CAME TRUE, and I am so happy and grateful for that. Maui is just one of the Hawaiian Islands. The season is all year long, because mild tropical climate makes Maui a year-round destination. Maui has two seasons, winter and summer, and the temperature varies by only a few degrees between the two. The winter season (approximately November through March) tends to be a slightly rainier and cooler period; the summer season (approximately April through October) tends to be drier and warmer, and hurricane season in Hawaii is June through November. Hawaii is not as prone to hurricanes as many other locales (such as the Caribbean), so it’s not likely you will experience one here.  

All the most popular things to do in Maui are available year-round, with very few exceptions. For example, whale-watching is possible during winter months, during that time certain ocean activities are prohibited, such as jet-ski and parasailing operations. Other than that you can go scuba diving or even snorkeling whenever and wherever, windsurfing is also very popular, and there are many surfing schools available. Other than that, there are Helicopter Sightseeing Tours  as well as Maui Submarine Tour, very popular things to spend your holiday and cash, while vacationing in Hawaii. 

However, we did nothing of those…We probably would, if I weren’t being pregnant at the time, I would love to go on some of the above mentioned tours, maybe try out the helicopter tour ride, since I’ve never been in one. But, this time, we were just enjoying the beach, the sun, eating, swimming and sleeping were our main activities. No complaints there! Nothing wrong with that, if you’re pregnant, tired or 80 years old 🙂

Joke aside, we really enjoyed our time in Maui, the temperature was perfect, 28 degrees Celsius, sunny days, warm sea and clean sandy beaches had healing effect on me. It’s truly amazing, and worth visiting, the only con I can find is the distance between Europe and the Islands. For Americans it’s not that far away. My favourite/everyday food was acai bowl, coffee with a coconut milk and banana bread – all of these are just to die for.

And some useful links if you’re planning to visit Maui. You’re welcome 😉 




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