GET THAT GLOW : makeup trends for spring 2018

It’s all about the base!

I would definitely say that it’s all about that glazed, glass looking skin. However you need to consider a few things, first, no powdery/heavy/glittery highlighters are allowed. Instead it’s all about the base: a healthy, dewy, glossy and glow-from-within looking skin. In order to achieve that kind of a look, your skin must be fed and moisturized properly before applying that skin-like foundation. No matte foundation is allowed as well, that’s all in the past, matte lips and matte skin are taking a vacation, while healthy looking, glass-like skin are taking over. 

With all of that being said, I tried YSL range of skincare products plus new Touche Éclat All-In-One Glow Foundation, and I absolutely loved it. It was love at first layer. Why I loved it so much? Well first, like the name says it’s an ALL-IN ONE product, which means that it has a properties of a moisturizer, sun-cream and foundation, mixed all together in just one product.

The formula is made of 70% water, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and antioxidants which provide intense hydration and improve skin texture while instantly creating a naturally luminous complexion. So, it’s a skin-loving product with SPF 23 that evens complexion, eliminates dullness and smooths fine lines. Touche Éclat All-In-One Glow Foundation is made in France and the formula is oil-free, talc-free and dermatologically tested. Finally, the coverage is buildable and shade range is pretty good as well.

NEXT would be a monochromatic looks, with pop of just one primary color, used both on the lips and eyes or cheeks. Peachy, nude, purple, lilac colors are having a huge come-back this season, and I must say, I like it. There is something elegant and sleek in that monochromatic looks, simplicity is also a major plus, because you don’t need to carry around all arsenal of different makeup products, you can just use that one shade for all, your eyes, cheeks and lips. I remember watching my mother putting her lipstick, first on her lips, then on her cheeks as well, and it always looked good. So, I tried some of the nude shades of YSL range, to create my monochromatic 2018 spring makeup look. 

Lastly, after all of this, I must say (with great pleasure if I may add) GOODBYE to dry, cracked, over drawn all-matte-looking lips. Yes, you read it correctly, matte lipsticks are OUT and balmy, nourishing, shiny textures are IN. All of the major make-up brands are coming out with a new lip-caring products, such as lip oils, tinted balms or liquid lip balms. Isn’t that amazing? No more dry and cracked lips for me, I’ll tell you that. One product that jumped out, from the rest is new VOLUPTÉ LIQUID COLOUR BALM by YSL. Except their usual luxury packaging, what impressed me the most is a texture of this lip product. Very unexpected and unusual if I may add. It’s somewhere between lip balm and lip gloss, with nice color. Again, another multi-tasking product that saves time and need to carry 3 lip products (balm, lipstick and gloss) in your makeup bag. The formula – packed with soothing shea butter, vitamin E, coconut water and jojoba oil softens your lines, enhance lip texture and preserves moisture, so your lips are soft, smooth and lush with vibrant color.



So, this is my final makeup look, created with mainly new YSL products that are out and about, for the spring 2018. It’s a dewy, healthy looking nude and pink makeup look that matches my skin tone perfectly, while emphasizing my eyes and nourishing my lips.

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