All the things I wish I knew before becoming a mum

Being a mother is the best and the hardest thing, most people would say, and I totally agree with that. However, there is so much more to that, than just those two words. Being a mum is like you’re on some kind of a drug, for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You might think I am overreacting now, but just hear me out. Before having a child, I had so much time for everything; from taking a really long shower to eating with pleasure, not just throwing food in my mouth, randomly. So, here I am going to tell you, honestly, all the things I wish someone have told me, before I was even pregnant. First, everything changes, but I mean EVERYTHING.

First and foremost, your body changes obviously, and it can become unrecognizable; besides weight gain, you can get stretch marks even on the places you didn’t think it’s possible; like thigh, legs, butt, breasts. You can also get veins, everywhere, even in your vagina; and one of my favorite pregnancy gift would be swolleness, especially in the last trimester, you get very swollen your face included – hence, the unrecognizable part. After the birth everything shrinks and becomes a bit loose, and your baby weight doesn’t go away miraculously, especially in the tummy area. Speaking about tummy and core, your abdominal muscles are very weak, and will remain weak unless you start to do some kind of an exercise. If you don’t care about appearance, then the back pain might motivate you to strengthen your core, because carrying a chubby baby, every single day, is not going to become any easier.

Other BIG thing I wish I knew: is not having the time for anything anymore. Except the part that you have to carry your baby with you everywhere, even in the bathroom while you take the quickest shower of your life, now you don’t get any „YOU“ time, ever. Unless you have someone to look after the baby for a few hours, but unless you do, you’re screwed. I know that there are mums that like to be with their kids all the time, BUT sometimes, I like being with me, alone, without interruptions. So, no more long showers, no more slow eating, no more applying make up, no more curling my hair, no more writing the blog… Even, no more cleaning or cooking, without stopping for at least hundred times just to check on the baby. Like I said, no more anything, without constantly turning, checking, listening, watching, calming…

If you now happened to think ;„that’s not life“, you’re a 100% right. That’s motherhood, on an everyday base. That drug mentioning now, is getting more sense, isn’t it?!Finding the time for yourself is crucial, again people say… But how, I say? I thought I could wake up, before the baby, and do some of the stuff. However, my baby has a light sleep, so when he sleeps, we don’t do anything too loud or disturbing. Also, waking at night kind of kills the desire to wake up early just to brush my teeth or shower.

Priorities changed, completely. Sleep is everything, so there isn’t a thing that’s important enough  for me to wake up when the baby sleeps, just to do it. I sleep when the baby sleeps, and I do everything else IF and WHEN I can. There are days when I get to do everything I wanted, and there are days when I barely survive the day. For good days I applaud myself, for bad days I also applaud myself even harder – for surviving, and for being a human and raising one at the same time. So, ladies, no matter what kind of a day you’re having, applaud yourself, knowing that raising a human being is far more important (and difficult) than any other stuff you used to do before being a mum.

P.S. nothing lasts forever, sleepless nights included.

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