DropChef : the smartest way to cook!

How many times you woken up and thought, or maybe even said out loud: “God, what are we going to eat today?!”

I know it sounds silly but thinking of what to cook every single day, can be so exhausting! I mean, first, it has to be healthy and fresh, right, then you have to make sure you own every ingredient you need, and then lastly, your family has to like, or at least approve what you made. Thank God, my family is easy going, and they eat everything I give them, if they don’t, there’s always salami in the fridge 🙂 No special requests, unless it’s your birthday!

Also, I remember after giving birth, there is so much pressure that you eat the right food, because of the milk supply and obviously because you just went through a labor (which can last for a few days), so your body feels trashed and needs loads of energy and good, quality food filled with nutrients. So, you get the point, if you don’t eat right, chances are high you won’t have enough food for your newborn. Right about that time, a few months after giving birth, I started to look for a ways to make my life easier and make my time in kitchen shorter but more efficient. I started doing my weekly grocery shopping online, but again I had to think in advance: about the meals, ingredients, time that I need to make them etc. Still, I felt frustrated, because I was just rolling the same dishes, week after week, which gets boring to cook and eat, as well.

Then I came across something very revolutionary, or life changing, it certainly changed my life and it’s called DropChef. 


DropChef is a service that enables you to choose, buy, prepare and cook a whole meal, from a scratch, in less than an hour. Sounds unreal, I know. But, this is how they do it. First, you choose from their 8 nutritionally balanced recipes each week, after that they deliver exactly what you’ve chosen from the menu for that week. Besides all of the ingredients, carefully packed so they don’t mixed or go bad, they deliver a recipe that is very beginner friendly and great for every cooking level, so that finally preparation and cooking shouldn’t take you more than 40 minutes. 

Can you really go buy groceries, prepare them and cook them, with already knowing what you’re making, in just 40 minutes? I surely cannot. Even if I somehow manage to leave the house within 40 minutes, the rest is just mission impossible. So, if you live in Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland, hop on the DropChef delivery train! Another reason I think this kind of meal prepping is revolutionary is that you get the pre-measured ingredients that will save you time and reduce waste. You are also able to skip weeks, swap recipes, and cancel anytime. No commitments.

I tried it. I loved it. I paused it. Now, I am going back to it, because I need more ideas and delicious recipes, that I can cook anywhere from twice a week to every night, to my hungry family. Plus, I know I definitely want to skip all the holiday shopping madness at the grocery stores, right now.

If you’re like me and you came this far reading, here’s the special discount code, you can use for your first order: DropChef33

So, you can enjoy your meals, from beginning till the end!

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