Happy birthday, baby G!

How this happened? It’s been a year since you came into our lives, changing it forever. I knew you were special even before you were born (I bet every mum says that about their child), but it’s the truth. First, you were ten days overdue, and even when my labor finally started it took forever to “convince” you to come out, and I am not even joking. Only when they started to prep me for an emergency C-section, you decided to show up, at last. So, I could say you were stubborn even before you were born 😉

First weeks

From the beginning you were loud and hungry, and a big baby. I tried breastfeeding you only, but that didn’t last long. You always wanted and needed more milk, but you slept pretty well on your own, and started to smile and communicate with us, early on. The months passed by quickly, even though the days could have been slow sometimes. As you were getting bigger and stronger, we were getting more confident and sleep deprived, which is completely normal.

I even remember the moment my husband and I finally realized our life would never be the same, and that was on our first holiday as a family of three. The flight was fine, but warmth and sunshine was not your thing, so our time at the beach was very limited and not very relaxing, as it used to be. We spent our first holiday, mostly, in our hotel room with an air condition ON. Second thing that became hard with you was eating a meal, without pushing the stroller, and calming you down. So, going on a vacation during the season and staying in a hotels is not convenient for us anymore.

First vacation

But baby, you have taught us so much, during your first year. You really showed us our priorities clearly, made us flexible and more independent, as well as made us yell and cry sometimes. You showed us what unconditional love and affection looks like, and made us more appreciative and humble as a human beings. Now all I ever ask God is health and patience, everything else I already got, just need to remind myself from time to time.

First outdoor party

You also showed mummy how important it is to have time for herself. Mums get cranky sometimes, because they don’t sleep for more than 2-3 hours in a row for days or weeks, they rarely drink their coffee warm or eat a meal without getting up for a million times.

Now, 12 months later, you’re still big and loud, but funny and charming little boy – who loves ladies and also loves kids and company even more than being with his mum home alone. I respect that, and I will try to respect your need for freedom to explore, as well as your need to socialize and learn from your peers. As your mum, I feel like I should give you the world instead of just being your world. Keeping you safe is my priority but you can’t really learn if you don’t fall at all, but I will be there to pick you up when you do, and give you encouragement to try again.

Happy birthday Gabriel!
Love, mum

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